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The Chromie
Designed by Phil Rowley

 Daiichi 1120 or 1150 #6-#18
Rib: Red Holographic Flashabou
Body: Silver Flashabou
Thorax: Peacock Herl
Bead: Black
Gills: UV2 Sparkle Yarn or Uni-Stretch, White

Perhaps the most important feature of a chironomid pupa is the radiant glimmer caused by the trapped air and gases the pupa uses to aid their pupal ascent and emergence process. As a result reflective materials such as Krystal Flash, Frostbite and Flashabou have become popular for the creative fly tier.

After viewing emerging pupa it became apparent to myself that the trapped air and gases are so dominant that the actual coloration of the pupa is a mystery. All the angler and trout see is a silver mirror with contrasting bands of color, typically red, at the body segments. The reflective trait is a key trigger for trout and I have seen trout dash from a distance to strike the Chromie once it entered its vision. My favorite size for my Chromies ranges from a tiny #18 to a gigantic #6. Whether suspended below and indicator or cast and retrieved using a floating line and a long leader of 15 feet or more the Chromie draws fish when other chironomid designs fail. Without a doubt this pupal pattern is number one in my fly box.

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