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The Jig Is Up

The CDC Red Tag
Designed by Andy Larkin

Hook:    Daiichi 4640 or 4670 Up Eye Jig Hook #12-#16
Thread: MFC 8/0 or 70 Denier, Black
Tail:      Daytum Globrite Floss #4 (Fire Orange)
Rib:       Red Wire
Body:    Arizona Synthetic Peacock or Peacock Dyed Red
Collar:   Natural CDC
Bead:    Slotted Silver or Metallic Pink Tungsten

Not everyone participates in or supports competitive fly fishing.  But no matter where you stand; gear, presentation techniques or flies have all been influenced by competitions.  Developments such as no stretch lines, beadheads and Euro nymphing are just a few of the benefits we, as fly fishers, enjoy today as a result of competitions.   In recent years, jig nymphs such as Andy Larkin’s CDC Red Tag have also become part of everyday fly tying and fishing. 

Flies tied using slotted beads and up eye jig hooks offer a number of advantages.  From a practical perspective jig nymphs ride hook point up, reducing the risk of snagging and fouling.  A good characteristic for any nymph tumbling through snag infested reaches of a river bottom where trout prefer to reside.  Another benefit of a jig nymph is that the majority of your fish will be solidly hooked in the upper lip.  Fish hooked in the upper lip have a hard time throwing the fly.

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