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Calamari Anyone?

Mr Squid
Originated by Malcolm Ruddick

Hook:         Daiichi X472 #2-#4/0
Thread:      MFC 6/0 or UTC 140, White or Uni-Mono
Tail:           White or Blue Dun Bucktail, Pearlescent Crystal Flash and Clear with Silver Glitter Sily Legs
Arms:        Eight Blue Dun Saddle Hackles
Tentacles:  Grizzly Saddle, Tied Along the Sides of the Arms (Optional)
Collar:       White and Grey Mist or Blue Dun Marabou
Body:        Crystal Chenille, Pearlescent, Large
Eyes:        Fly Eyes, Nickel with Silver Prism Eyes

Tying Note:  For deep depths weight the hook and add a large or extra large tungsten cone, black, silver or gold.  Glow in the dark Flashabou can also be added into the tail.

Tossing flies at marauding Pacific salmon on the open ocean is exhilarating.  Coho salmon in particular, are a species with an insatiable appetite.  Ruthless predators, Coho consume prey at a feverish pace.  Most fly fishers plying west coast waters focus their attention on baitfish, Pacific sand lance and herring in particular.  Patterns aimed at imitating these food sources should have a dominant presence within your saltwater fly box.  There is another favourite prey worthy of consideration, squid.  All five salmon species love ‘calamari’ in their diets as well as bottom fish including the myriad of rockfish species.  Both commercial and recreational trollers have used Hootchies, a plastic squid imposter, for years with staggering success.  Although proven patterns such as Deceivers and Clouser Minnows are passable squid imitations if you are serious about saltwater you should include your own feather and synthetic Hootchies. 

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