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From time to time I hear of instances where fly fishers loose their Quick Release indicators during a strike as a result of leader breakage and the subsequent loss of the indicator peg.  A few seasons ago I made a specific point of only using one Quick Release indicator for as long as I could.  Today I still have the indicator, chipped and battered as it may be in my kit bag.


Here are few things to try and consider the next time conditions dictate using indicators on stillwaters.  First, make sure all leaders and particularly tippet aren’t stale.  Tippet in particular should be stretchy and solid.  Tippet that snaps like thread is past its prime and should be disposed of responsibly.  Don’t fault the indicator when stale tippet is the cause. Make sure that a large enough loop is pinched between the indicator and the peg to ensure a smooth release.  I prefer a loop of about one inch in overall size. 


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