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Fly Fishing
Creating Crayfish

JC Crayfish
Designed by Kenzie Cuthbert

Eyes N Tubes

Hook:                 Daiichi X452 #2-#8
Thread:              MFC 6/0 or UTC 140 Brown, Olive, Tan, Rust or Pink
Tail:                    Mixture of Bucktail Red Squirrel Tail and Two Strands of Pearlescent Crystal Flash
Eyes:                  Eyes N Tube, Y-Tube (Color and size to suit)
Pinchers/Claws:  Jungle Cock
Mid-Wing:           Mixture of Bucktail and Red Squirrel Tail
Wing:                 Mixture of Bucktail and Red Squirrel Tail
Cheeks:              Jungle Cock

Tying Note:  Vary the thread, tail, and wing colors to match your local crayfish.  Narrow brown (furnace) saddle hackles can be substituted for the jungle cock claws and cheeks.

Without a doubt scuds or freshwater shrimp are the premier crustacean in British Columbia.  This celebrity status is not necessarily one of popularity with many but it is certainly one of recognition by most.  Creeping and scurrying around a number of B.C. waters exists a larger crustacean, crayfish.  Rich in dietary protein, we often forget about imitating crayfish in waters they inhabit.  The predators with which they share their watery homes seldom ignore them.  Trout and bass, brown trout and smallmouth bass in particular, consume large numbers of crayfish.  Smallmouth bass love crayfish.  They are arguably their favourite food source.  If you plan on chasing smallmouth or visiting a river or lake where crayfish exist reserve space in your fly box for a crayfish imitation or two. For those chasing carp on the fly crayfish patterns are fly box staples

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