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Looped Tippet Droppers

I use three main dropper attachment systems.  For example, when fishing two or more flies beneath an indicator I often use a tandem set up where the dropper is tied via an Improved Clinch Knot to the bend of the hook.  When fishing without indicators I use either a dropper tied off a Triple Surgeon’s Knot or probably my favourite system, a section of tippet looped around the main leader I call the ‘Looped Tippet Dropper.’  A system borrowed from Czech or European Nymphing.

The Looped Tippet Dropper consists of a section of an 8-inch section of tippet material with a Perfection Loop or Double Surgeon’s Loop tied at one end.  Of the two loop knots I prefer the Perfection Loop as the knot forms in line with the tippet and has a smaller profile, at least when I tie it.  The prepared tippet is then looped around the leader or tippet section above a tippet knot or when I am fishing chironomids a small swivel on the fly line side of the leader or tippet.  The tippet knot or swivel acts as a stopper preventing the dropper from sliding down to the point fly.

The Looped Tippet Dropper allows you to add or subtract droppers to your leader without having to reconstruct your entire leader.  I also find this system tends to foul less than droppers formed from tippet knots such as a Triple Surgeon’s or Blood Knot as the tippet is free to move during the cast.

How to Form a Looped Tippet Dropper

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