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Fun with Foam
Tying Instructions



1) De-barb the hook and slide a clear glass bead onto the shank.  Slide the bead forward out of the way and attach the tying thread at the rear of the hook.



2) Cut a foam strip the same width as the hook gape.  Trim one end of the foam strip to a point.  Tie the foam strip in at the rear of the hook by the point with the foam lying flat.  Whip finish and apply head cement.  Place a dab of super glue on the thread wraps.



3) Supporting the foam strip, push the glass bead over the foam tie off area.  Reattach the tying thread directly in front of the glass bead and cover the shank with thread. 



4) Form a dubbing loop and wind the finished dubbing noodle forward to the mid point to form the back half of the body



5) Using figure eight wraps tie in the leg material just forward of the body.  Secure the legs along the side of the fly binding them back to the body ensuring that the legs are always placed properly.



6) Form a second dubbing noodle and finish the body segment at the 2/3rds point on the hook shank.  Pull the foam strip over the body and tie off.  Do not trim the excess foam and avoid pulling too tightly on the foam as this decreases buoyancy and may accidentally pull the foam out from the rear tie in area. 



7) Pull the remaining foam strip forward and press it against the hook eye to create a small mark.  Take a needle and stab the foam at this mark.  Slip the pierced foam over the hook eye. Pull the remaining foam strip under the hook shank and bind in place at the front of the body to form the foam head.



8) Trim the excess foam strip. If desired cover the thread wraps with a sparse dubbing noodle.  Whip finish and apply a dab of head cement or super glue.



9) Using a set of permanent markers apply the final color scheme to the fly.  Use a red marker to dot the eyes of the boatman on the sides of the head.  Cover the body and head with Clear Flex cement to protect the finished artwork.


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