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Turkey Quill Callibaetis







Daiichi 1560 #12-#16


MFC 8/0 or UTC 70 Tan or Olive


UV2 Turkey Flats, Tan


1 Strand of Pearlescent Kystal Flash

Counter Rib:

Fine Gold Wire


Mottled Turkey Quill, Tan


UV2 Turkey Flats Tan


White Tip Turkey Tail, Tied Double Back Style

Callibaetis nymphs are slender almost anorexic in appearance and patterns designed to imitate them need to be too. Although not the major player mayflies are in rivers and streams species such as Callibaetis when they do occur often do so in healthy numbers. Preferring clear water lakes marbled with marl and beds of chara Callibaetis nymphs forage amongst the vegetation ever wary of trout, dragon fly nymphs and other predators. These active swimmers from the Baetidae family propel themselves with rapid undulations of their abdomens. After three or four short bursts the nymph pauses in an arched posture with its three tails on prominent display. Using an intermediate line or a clear tip line use a slow chironomid like retrieve punctuated with one to two second pauses. If trout are visible and cruising in the direction of your pattern add a few quick strips to draw attention, be patient and watch for the silver flash as the trout turns upon the fly.

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